Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Couldn't Think of a Post Title!

Even though I have the worst post title in the world, it's been a FANTASTIC couple of days!!! Saturday and Sunday were a fabulous Christmas Eve and Christmas! After two years of being gone, I was able to spend a great Christmas together with my awesome family! Life doesn't get much better than that! :)

Since then I've had another job interview (unfortunately they won't be able to tell me yes or no until two weeks from now... not cool) and went on a couple of Best Buy runs. A couple because the thing I went to buy was the wrong one because I didn't think to read the box first. So I had to go back and return it and get the correct one. Here's to my favorite store! Yay!
Best Store Ever!
Time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!!!
My Incredibly Painful Ankle
Yes indeed, this is the dreaded story of the Volleyball Injury. Most of you who read my blog (I assume) know about my ankle I broke on my mission. If you don't, however, I'll tell you! This is THE VOLLEYBALL INJURY PART I!!!!

I was playing Volleyball at a Sports Night the missionaries were in charge of, and let me say this. When it comes to volleyball, I'm definitely not a klutz. Volleyball is my favorite sport, and I'm actually fairly ok at it! (as opposed to basketball or some sport like that where I am the worst player in the universe) So I was playing, and doing quite well, when someone set me the ball, and I jumped to spike it. Well spike it I did (and I scored a point too!) but on the way down, another kid who wasn't so familiar with how you play, came into my space right under where I was coming down. So my left ankle slammed down really hard on the edge of his foot. Well, to make a long story short, I twisted my ankle so bad that I completely collapsed right there. I tried getting back up, but I could put no weight on it. So they carried me to the side and my companion ended up having to carry me back home on his back. (it was quite funny actually) So that photo shown above is a couple days after the incident, (when I finally thought to take a picture) and unfortunately it's not as swollen as it was the first day. Sure, that's big, but the first day it was seriously the size of a large apple! But I'll continue the Saga of the Volleyball Injury in my next post.
So awesome news! I got a SWEET new phone! Unfortunately it's not quite a phone yet... I haven't gotten a SIM card for it yet or anything. That'll wait until I get a job. ;) But here's a picture of it!
Look at that AWESOME Windows Phone!!!
Yes indeed, it's the amazingly awesome WINDOWS PHONE!!! Not to be confused with the not so awesome Windows Mobile. This bad boy has the best mobile operating system available right now. (no argumentative comments please) ;)  But basically it's a beautiful phone. I'll happily show it to any who would like to use it in all its glory. Just let me know. It will convince you of its awesomeness.

Anyway, so I'm really happy about getting that sweet new phone. It made my day yesterday. Then I got to hang out with some good friends as well, which was awesome. But that's all for now! Tchau tchau!

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