Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unboxing finally.

Today I finally tackled my room full of boxes of stuff from before my mission. I didn't have the courage to before, and today only got the courage because my Mom offered to help. :)  So I finally unpacked a crazy amount of stuff (I had no idea I had so much junk!) and left thinking I was a champion. Then my Mom told me there were several boxes in my closet that I hadn't seen which still needed unpacking... So my courage has failed me temporarily, but I'll most likely conquer that tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a daunting task. I'm just glad it's mostly over. I hate packing and unpacking. Packing means I'm leaving somewhere. Unpacking means I've left somewhere. Not fun! But tomorrow it'll be over with! Yay!

I was going through some old pictures today and found a treasure trove of pictures from Brazil. I'll admit, I got really homesick for those days. Seeing all my friends, seeing the places, the activities, the missionaries, all that made me quite nostalgic! It was a sad but wonderful trip down memory lane.

Time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!

Attempting to clean suit coats.
That's a glimpse of the hair...
So I don't know if you can see it very well. (I think you can click on it and it'll bring it up full size) This is a picture of me and Elder Lima in Bowmanville. We had just gotten out of an appointment with a less active member and her investigator daughter, and they have a couple of dogs that shed like nothing else. It was ridiculous, we got inside, I sat down on the couch, and watched as hundreds of white dog hairs flew from all over the couch and magnetized themselves onto my nice black suit. Yeah, it was bad. Well, we had those lint roller things in our trunk, but after using several sheets of them with no success, we had to go home (luckily we were close) and vaccum our suits to get rid of all the hair! It was so much hair everywhere!!! But it was really funny as well, we had a good time laughing about it. (we also had to repeat the process every time we went over to her house, because the house was coated in dog hair!) It was crazy, but funny!

So I haven't heard back from the MTC yet. They said they'd let me know today, but then again, the last job I applied for told me that too... I didn't find out from them for a week. So hopefully it'll be less than a week before I find out. :)  For now, though, I'm still jobless! Wooh, exciting!... Not.

Although, in my spare time (which at the moment I have nothing but...) I've been able to begin a really good book, work on my programming skills, write in this blog, see some people I haven't seen in years, and soon I'm going to watch a hilarious movie with some friends!!! So it hasn't been all that bad. (though at the time it's not always the greatest) I think I'm slowly adjusting to the fact that I'm home and I just have to get used to it. So I might as well make the most of it!

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