Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Massage Mania

Hello! I'm afraid to say that I blew it today! Why is that, you ask? Well, my post title says what it's about. I went to Chris's Cuts or something with that name, it's the $7 BYU haircut place. Anyway, I went and got my haircut, and it turned out nicely. Well, as she was getting rid of all the hair, she asked me "Would you like a massage?" Well THAT threw me off! I'm FINALLY getting used to giving hugs to females, and suddenly there's this girl asking me if I want a massage???? The only response I could blurt out was "Excuse me?" She said "A barber's massage. Would you like one?" Well, a combination of nervousness and fear of paying extra I said "No thank you." So I paid and left.

Well, I got home, and one of my friends is here with my little brother, and I asked him about it, and he said "Oh yeah, didn't you love it?" and I said no, I didn't do it, doesn't it cost? He then proceeded, with a shocked face because I didn't get one, to tell me that it's free and comes with the haircut, and it's apparently REALLY good. So I was then not happy at all because I lost a free massage!!!!! I considered going and saying "I need another haircut!"... Ok, not really. I wouldn't do that. Not even for a massage...

Anyway, I was really sad about not getting my free massage. But that's ok. I'll just get it next time.

All right, time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!!!

Pizza after Zone Activity!
This was a FUN day!!!!!! For Christmas, we each (in our Zone) got one of those cheap Nerf Guns, and the Preparation Day after Christmas, we all went to the chapel's gym and had an AWESOMELY SWEET Nerf Gun War!!! We set up lots of obstacles, and commenced with much shooting!!! It was incredibly fun!!! We did that a few Preparation Days, and once my Zone Leader fell in the Baptismal Font which had accidentally been left with water in it. So he was a little wet. :) Anyway, they were great activities! That was when we were eating pizza afterwards. Fun fun!

I had a job interview today with the MTC Referral Center! I thought it went really well! Actually, it was funny, my interviewer was a missionary who served in my Dad's mission in Recife Brazil! So I knew him quite well! It was fun to see him again!

So I had my interview, and they said they'll let me know tomorrow... So here's hoping I get the job!!! It's possible! Wish me luck!

Well, that's all I can think of today. Hope everyone's having an AWESOME Christmas Week!!!! :) Tchau tchau!

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