Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Lazy!

Sorry it took me forever to write another post. I actually didn't exactly get lazy... I did have quite a few assignments to do, so it was fairly valid. I can now post again though!

So I had a SWEET AWESOME get together with people from my mission last Friday evening! It was WAY fun!!! There were a good 15+ people there, and I was so happy to see 6 of the Senior Missionaries!!! (3 couples) I've missed them! Also the normal missionaries. ;) But we particularly love the Senior Couples! It was great, as we were able to catch up with each other on what we're doing, how life has been since the mission, etc. Very fun! I loved it! It was incredible seeing them all again!
Mission Picture and Story of the Day!!! Yay!
Afternoon on the Island!
So this here picture is from around my 18 month mark. We all decided to go to Toronto Island on our Preparation Day! So we got a few members and missionaries together and we went! It was very fun! We took a large Ferry from the Toronto Beach and went across to the Island. (that's the only way to get to the Island) Then after eating (Pizza!) we went exploring! It was sweet, a very beautiful place! We walked around, checked out the attractions, and just had a darn good time!
Bicycle Thing!
This here bad boy is some kind of a bycycle-car. You know how there's the old Mazda Protege, then these days you have the Mazda 6? The Mazda 6 is obviously more modern. The Mazda 6 is to the Mazda Protege as this Bycycle thing is to the car the Flintstones drive. This bad boy has pedels!!! I know... Absolutely groundbreaking amazing! Anyway, we all had fun taking turns riding this thing around. So of course we had to take a picture of all of us on it.

So that was the awesome fun-ness of the day we went to Toronto Island! Very recommended, especially for people who aren't missionaries, because then you can actually do all the attractions, which we couldn't, due to our rules. We could watch them all though! Very fun place!
So I've re-started over Doctor Who, because some of my friends haven't seen it, so of course I have to introduce it to them! It's funny going back to the first season, because the overall quality is nowhere near the quality of Season 2 and onward! However, they are just so classic, the episodes of Season 1! Not to mention Christopher Eccleston is just so awesome! Not nearly as awesome as David Tennant of course, but very good nonetheless!

So we watched the first two episodes of Season 1. Very classic. It just reinforced my idea of how utterly awesome Doctor Who is! :) View in all of its glory!!!


  1. Doctor Who! I'm not entirely converted yet. But I'm guessing I will be. That was a great night nonetheless.

    Funny thing, we actually didn't start at the very beginning of Doctor Who, because aren't there episodes from the 60's?

  2. Yeah. But in my opinion, most of the pre-2005 episodes aren't worth watching. And actually quite painful. I didn't know cinematography could be that bad.

    Good tribute. Fantastic tribute.

  3. And now I'm DYING to see the rest of season 1 so that 2 and 3 will make more sense.

  4. Also, I agree. Fantastic tribute. I might have cried a little.