Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free Brains

Today was actually quite good! I went to school early so I could be in an environment where I would actually be able to concentrate on my Math homework. That was actually a really smart idea! A place where I wouldn't be tempted to get on facebook or email or read the latest on Windows 8 or anything of the sort! So it was a good move, and because of it I was able to blow away my homework and I feel extremely good about it too! I'm pretty sure I aced it! Then not only that, but I was able to accomplish something I've always wanted to do my whole life! I was in Math class and right at the very end the teacher asked a huge question, and everyone was trying to answer it but none could answer it correctly, and I knew the answer!!! So I raised my hand and was able to say the answer. The teacher said "Woah! Say that again!!!" so I did, and he said "Class, that is the perfect answer to my question! You will not get a better answer than that! Make sure you remember that answer!!!" I will say it was absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to be one of those really smart people that the teacher asks a difficult question and I give an amazing answer that the teacher is impressed with and points it out to the other students. ;) So I was very happy that I finally got a moment to be smart.

Then I turned in my Programming lab a day early, which is lovely! I got bonus credit. Happy day. Since then I've been doing homework. Lovely. Hence why I'm doing a blog entry. :) Good distraction. All right. Moving on.
Mission Picture and Story of the Day!
Best Poster Ever
On a Preparation Day a few weeks before I came home, my companions and I went to Downtown Toronto so I could buy a few things and take some pictures. One of my favorites from that day is the one shown above. There were new posters on the poles lining the streets of Chinatown advertising free brains! Definitely the best posters I've seen Downtown! I just had to show that one. It's a classic.
Well, I'm going to watch the amazing two part season ending of Doctor Who!!!! So there's no end part here!!! Tchau!!!


  1. I am so proud of you and your smart math class move.

  2. Johnny-boy, you rock at math. I wish I did

  3. I don't rock at math. That was definitely a one time thing.