Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Dreaded Part Three

That's right folks, you heard it here! This post is the Dreaded Part III in the epic of the Broken Ankle!!! However!!! This is not the section which deals with that! So you'll just have to wait! (or like most of you will probably do, you can skip down to the correct part) ;)

Anyway, so I went to work this morning (beastly early in the morning) and had a great time! I did some calls today, along with my regular chats. I got incoming calls from people calling for either a free DVD, or a request to be visited by missionaries. It was great fun, I loved it! Although there was this one drunk guy who called me five times in a row. The first time I talked to him and found out he was visiting with missionaries and wanted to get baptized, but he couldn't yet because he liked to drink. (as I could easily tell talking to him) So he just talked to me about all sorts of crazy things, as he was totally smashed, and finally I found out that the missionaries were going there that day, so I told him that the missionaries were very willing to help him out. So I thanked him for calling and hung up. Well, he called back 4 more times, each time saying "John, thanks so much for talking to me. I want to be baptized. I'll leave you to your work. Bye." (with varying levels of clearness and understandability) Thankfully he stopped calling, and I could continue with my work. He was a very nice man... Just a tad intoxicated.
This is it ladies and gents!!! PART III OF THE SAGA OF THE BROKEN ANKLE!!! See picture below...
The Dreaded Boot...
So, as left off yesterday, I had just been transferred to Pickering. Well, to my incredible luck, one of the members there happened to be a doctor! So I asked him about my ankle and told him how it had been eight weeks and it was still hurting quite a bit. Yeah, I know, stupid me for waiting for eight weeks before I ask anyone about it. ;)  Anyway, the doctor knew immediately it definitely wasn't a simple sprain. So he got me an order for a bone scan at the hospital (a different one this time) which I went to do. Well, they first injected me with a radioactive isotope to get flooded through my body. (that was a comforting thought...) Then they told me to come back a few hours later. So of course, in the interim, I just HAD to see if my pee would glow in the dark... It didn't... I was disappointed.

Ok, moving on! So I went back, and after a half-hour scan, they looked at the results and said "Yeah. I don't know who read your X-Rays, but your ankle is broken, and you've made it more stressed by walking on it. It should have been in a cast." So I though oh... thanks x-ray guy! Well, anyway, they put me in the AirCast shown above in the photo. However, that one turned out to be really lame and did nothing, so they switched me to another AirCast that goes up to my knee. So I had this massive ugly boot thing on my foot. (not matching at ALL with ANY of my clothes, especially missionary ones!) Let's put it this way. In a Zone Conference the following week, my mission president asked me during it to write something up on the board during the meeting. I walked up to the board, and as I passed him he looked at it and basically yelled "WOAH!!!! That thing's BIONIC or something!!!!" Naturally everyone laughed. It was pretty funny. Anyway, so for a Transfer and a half in Pickering I wore around that absurd boot. Lovely.

That is the end of PART III of the SAGA OF THE BROKEN ANKLE!!! Although it doesn't end there! TUNE IN FOR PART IV NEXT TIME!!!
Well, I'll be honest, I don't have much for you in this last portion. Except that I got a cell phone number finally! Oh wait... Maybe I mentioned that last time... I don't know, I can't remember! :) But I'm about to go out to eat at a fabulous burger joint known as BURGER SUPREME!!! Honestly, it's not nearly on par with Hires Big H, but I would definitely say it's number two! So it's going to be deliciously fun!!! And I'm starving my brains out right now, so I'll stop thinking about it!

All right, that's all from here! Tchauzinho!

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  1. This is a really great post John. You are an entertaining writer, and you have some good stories to share!