Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yes sir indeed ladies and gentlemen (assuming more people than myself read my blog) I have FINALLY gotten a job!!! It's SO GREAT to finally not be a hobo anymore and actually be able to work and make a little bit of a living!

So my job is at the Referral Center in the MTC. (Missionary Training Center) Basically what I do is I'm one of the people who does online chats with the people who visit Mormon.org. That's the main part of the job. On top of that, I also read through the Mormon.org profiles that are submitted for approval, and we approve them and pass them through. (unless they don't meet criteria, at which point we give feedback, they fix it and resubmit it, and we approve it) It's SO much fun!!! I LOVE reading other people's testimonies from around the world, from all different backgrounds, walks of life, it's SO GREAT!!!! Basically the best job ever!
All right!!! It's the part you've all been waiting for!!! It's time for PART II of the SAGA OF THE BROKEN ANKLE!!! Here's the picture!
Look at that beauty!!!
Wooh! Would you check that out! That, ladies and gentlemen, was about two weeks after my broken ankle. So I'll fill you in up until that point. Well, the next day after that wonderful accident in the volleyball court, a senior couple by the names of Elder and Sister Lindsey (two of the greatest people in the world by the way!!!) took me to the hospital to get my ankle x-rayed, to see if it was broken. Well, after waiting for hours on end we finally got it x-rayed and the doctor who did it glanced at the x-rays and said "Nope! Not broken! It's just a sprain. Use crutches for 5-7 days, and it'll be fine after that." Well, I went away quite happy it wasn't broken! (little did I know) So I did what he said, and after that time went back to walking, but couldn't do it, because it still hurt too much. Well, I'm not the smartest, so I just assumed that sprains usually hurt for quite a while, and it was fine. So, I switched to walking on a cane for support. See below picture.
Cane! Click on photo for full-size to see easier.
Well, my ankle was still nice and swollen, and it had developed that lovely looking bruise. It continued like this for several weeks. (me, not being very smart, still didn't think much of it!) So, finally I was transferred out of the area to a car area where it would be easier on my ankle. That's not the end, however! Check back here next time for PART III of the BROKEN ANKLE SAGA!!!!!
Anyway, so now school has started, and let me say, it's going to be a tough semester. I know, everyone who is further along in school than I am is going to laugh, but I'm taking Biology and Math 110 this semester, both of which are turning out to be beastly (although I have an AWESOME teacher for Biology!) even though it's only been 3 days. Yeah. I'm in trouble.  But, it'll still be a fun good semester! I'm excited for it! I'm really happy to have things to do! So that's great!

All right, that's about it from me! Tchau tchau!

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  1. I'm so happy you found a job! And it sounds great too. What a nice way to make money!

    That ankle picture is terrible. It makes me cringe. So much pain!

    School is hard no matter what stage you're at, and no matter which classes you are taking.