Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He's Got Attitude!

I love life. It's crazy, but I still love it. Sometimes you just have awesome days. Then some days are significantly less than awesome. I had one of those days yesterday. It was very far underneath awesome, actually. You know what though? It's those bad/ridiculous/terrible/absurd days that make the awesome amazing sweet days all the better!!! So I'm quite grateful for bad days. Now, that's not to say that I want to have more bad days... On the contrary, I could get along with fewer bad days. I just don't let them drag me down. Always have to stay positive about things! With a positive outlook, things just feel a whole lot better! Even if they're not! They become much more endurable! I tried to do that a lot while I was on my mission. There were lots and lots and lots of not so good days. Having a constantly positive attitude would make those days much less difficult! This whole idea of constantly having a positive attitude is something I gained on my mission, and I've loved it since I figured out that it actually works!!! So the purpose of this, I have no idea, but hey, that's what blogs are for! Talking about all kinds of stuff that usually makes no sense to others! Oh yeah!
I haven't done one of these in a long time! So here we go!
Can you see how bored we are?
This was me and Elder Figueiredo. One day when it was snowing and we had nothing to do, the only thing left was to go try to talk to people and put up English class flyers. Well we got to our street (it's a crazy street by the way. Queen Street. If you're there after 9 pm, you're dead... Ok, not really. ;)  But it is quite dangerous after 9, so we never went in the evening.

We were walking down this street, and as it's snowing there's basically nobody outside. I don't blame them, frankly. It was freezing!!! So we were putting up our flyers, and got really bored, so we started taking weird pictures of ourselves walking down the street. (we're obviously extremely bored to be doing this for longer than a couple of minutes...) Yeah... This was definitely not one of the absolute best days I had on my mission. Going along with my earlier comments, however, I now look back on it, and have such fond memories of days like this. It's interesting, because it gives me perspective and helps me now realize that it wasn't as bad as I may have thought back then! As a matter of fact, it's nothing compared to what some people go through! So therefore, when life gets you down... Have fun with it!
Like this!
I wasn't a fan of the whole Monday schedule on a Tuesday. Especially because I love my Tuesday classes. So I got shorted two of my fun classes, and got an extra dose of my three least favorite classes... Lovely...

I am going to watch another episode tonight of the coolest most amazing television show in existance... DOCTOR WHO!!!


  1. Nice one Branquinho... I had lots and lots of boring days like those... I guess I just need to be more positive and watch Doctor Who...kkk

  2. Thanks for the perspective. We are having quite a few of those days in this quite very slow area. We do what we can. Thanks, E&S Wheeler