Thursday, February 16, 2012

Money Money, Where Have You Gone?

There's obviously a hole in my wallet... Or bank account...

I have never spent, nor do I think I will ever spend, as much money on school supplies somehow relating to my classes than I did this semester. I thought I was done when I bought my books. Nope. I still had to buy the Launchpad Development Tool. So surely I must be done. Nope. I just got done buying my Developer Board that accompanies it.

Cost? Eighty (80) very precious dollars. 80 dollars?? Let me make a comparison. I could buy a way more complex graphics card for 20 dollars. As a matter of fact I did that very thing in January. Just goes to show how absurdly overpriced school textbooks and other materials are.

People wonder why students never have money... I could give them an idea of why... This was a ridiculously expensive semester. I'll blame David. He signed me up for these classes... Just kidding David!


  1. Hi John! Thanks for chatting with me today, your blog is adorable :) I totally feel you about having to pay for school supplies. I do English at University, and the cost of textbooks are about £50 each! Seems very expensive - especially given that they are written by our lecturers! :)

    1. Oh thanks Emma! I'm glad someone likes it! :) Yeah, university textbooks and materials are absurdly priced...