Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Testing Week... Lovely...

Yes, it's that time of the semester... Have you seen the Heber J. Grant Building? Next to the Joseph Smith Building? It's the building where you see all the depressed students going. That, my friends, is the Beloved and Dreaded Testing Center. For the most part it's dreaded by most students. (except those who take sick pleasure in university exams) It can be beloved however! I myself have loved it on two occasions. Occasions where I absolutely slam dunk aced my exam I was taking!!! (that's not to say I do poorly. By slam dunk aced, that means 100% or more, whereas I usually do between the "well done" range and "ok" range... depends on the exam)

The fact is, it's exam time. I have two this week, both beastly ones, then one next week, plus a solo in my singing class I need to perform. (should be easy) The other classes haven't mentioned any exams yet, so I'm hoping I'll be able to escape those. That would be nice.
Mission Picture and Story of the Day! Hurray!
MTC Zone at the Provo Temple
 This here picture is of my MTC Zone. (I'm up in the top left) This was my first Sunday in the MTC. I had just been called to be Zone Leader, and I was nervous, because I still had no idea what I was doing. So after many meetings and tons of other stuff, I was glad to be able to get away and walk around the temple and feel the Spirit there to clear my mind. It was a welcome distraction. I loved all of those "Temple Walks" as we called them.
My class in the MTC
Here's my class in the MTC. Myself and my companion, the three Sisters, one going to Temple Square, one to Germany, and one to the Philippines, and one of our teachers, Sister Barton. That was a fun class! We had a good time together! We were all fast-tracked in our languages, (Portuguese, Spanish, German, English, and Tagalog) so they stuck us all together, despite all going to different countries and languages. We loved it though, we had great teachers and had an excellent time during our learning.

I absolutely loved the MTC! Not only do you get all you can eat free food, (which I loved, despite what anyone else says about it) but you're seriously on this spiritual high all the time! It was incredible! Sure we had 10 hours of class a day, but we loved it! I wish I could go back and re-live it, at least one day! That would be sweet! But alas, it's over, and live moves on! :)
So I think I did pretty incredibly on my Math homework. If that's any indication of how the test will be, I think I'll do pretty well on it! Also, I'm attempting to learn how to program in Assembly. All you need to know about it is that it's difficult. (at least while I'm learning it... hopefully it'll get easier with time) So as I have a lab due tomorrow, I should probably try to finish it. That might be good.

I've officially decided to be responsible for now! At least to finish this lab. Well... We'll see, maybe I'll need a brief distraction as time goes by. For now, however, I'm being responsible!

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