Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ode to a Friend

So on Saturday I woke up super crazy early because I work on Saturdays at 5 am. Well, I get up, get all ready, eat the best breakfast one can have at 5 in the morning, and then drove to work. I got to work, and saw a new schedule posted on the board, so I was curious to see who was on my shift, because nobody had contacted me about switching shifts. I take a look, and find out that I'm actually not on the shift! Say-whaaaaat??? Are you telling me I got up crazy early, got ready, ate breakfast, and drove in a freezing car all the way to work (not that far actually) just to find out that I could be sleeping at that moment??? Yeah, I was discouraged, because I didn't even have the consolation of making money. So I dejectedly drove home, and then tried to get back into my bed. It was hard going back to sleep after having accomplished so much so early, but I managed!!! :) Then once I got back to sleep my alarm rang to wake me up, and I felt once again like I was getting up at 5 am. (even though it was more around 7:30) At least now I know my schedule, and it's really nice, because now since I don't work Saturday mornings, that means I get to do whatever I want on Friday nights and not worry about my sleep!!! :)
Photo time! By the way, I'm going to have to start thinking of something else to do, otherwise I'll run out of mission photos! I'll have to do something cool... Very cool...

Zone 300!
So today's photos focus on a most excellent Zone Activity we had on a Preperation Day. It was an improv skit type of activity! We split up into groups and were given 3 scripture stories, and we were supposed to come up with the best, funniest skit we could think of in about 20 minutes involving all three stories, and we had to use three props randomly assigned. So for example, my group was assigned the stories "Nephi breaks his bow," "Solomon cuts a baby in half" (except he didn't really) and "The Ten Plagues of Egypt." For our props, we had a nerf gun, a television, and a backpack. So it was really funny, meshing together everything with these props to make this absolutely ridiculously funny skit. We ended up filming them all and I edited them together onto DVD's that we gave out to the Zone. If anyone has a burning desire to watch them, just ask me, although most people may not find them as funny as I do, because I actually know the people and their personalities. It was a very fun activity though! After we took a picture with our awesome Zone t-shirts, the Elders decided to Doggy Pile Elder Rhodes, which was a common occurrance with poor Elder Rhodes. It was very fun! Except that I was on the bottom... Underneath some heavy Elders. Yeah, I thought I just might get crushed. Lovely activity! :)
Today I spent from 12:45 till 6:30 at church. Yeah. It was a long day. I had to renew my Temple Recommend, which I was able to do with the Bishop's Counselor, then he set me apart as a counselor in the Sunday School Presidency, then I had to talk to a teacher and the Sunday School President, then finally was ready to get my Stake President interview for my Temple Recommend, and ended up waiting for an hour to get it. The happy news is, I'm still a current Temple Recommend Holder! (I didn't wait for my old one to expire) That's always a really good feeling, evaluating myself and being able to answer the questions as God wants them to be. It makes me very happy! :)

So I've decided I'm going to go be with one of my best friends... An absolutely incredible friend. So faithful. So friendly. Always there for you when you're feeling good, bad, sad, happy, whatever. Completely trustworthy. Perfect listener if you want to just talk and let off stress. Never recognized for the incredible help given. Never thanked, never praised, never applauded, rarely even mentioned. And yet, this friend is there. Always. Always waiting for you, never turning you away. My amazing friend... My Beloved Bed! My incredibly warm, comfy, cozy, friendly bed!!! :) Yeah. All that was to say I'm going to bed now. ;) Perhaps it was a little much. Although it was all true! I love my bed!

Sunday is over, and tomorrow is a new day, new week! Super awesome! Except for the fact that it's a Monday. I used to like Mondays you know... That was on my mission... Because my Preperation Day was on Monday. ;)  Tchau tchau!!!

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