Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Lost and Forgotten Post

I just got done eating a delicious $5 footlong (although I had to critique it first, before I ate it, seeing as the person had a tag that said "Sandwich Artist" and this sandwich looked nothing like a piece of art) A true sandwich artist would make it so it looks incredible, doesn't make a massive mess, and doesn't fall apart. Unfortunately my sandwich was none of these. That's the only downside to not working at Subway anymore, the fact that I can't make my own sandwiches now... Other than that one tiny thing, I don't mind not working at Subway anymore. I quite enjoy it in fact. ;) Although I don't blame the person. They probably don't like working there and therefore don't give it their all. Ok, I have no idea if they like it or not, but I don't mind if they make a sloppy sandwich. I'm just making fun of Subway's title they give their employees of "Sandwich Artist" which I can do as I used to be one of those people.

Anyway, the purpose of talking about Subway was because I just got done hanging out with Jared Rhodes, from the Greatest Mission in the World (my mission, the CTM), and his friend. It was extremely fun. Then rather strange was that afterwards my singing class teacher saw me and said "Hey John! How are you doing?" And I was like woah, that's weird, I've never had a teacher do that. I don't see why he shouldn't, but it was just weird as it has never happened before.
Time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day! Actually, these pictures should have gone in with the Epic of the Broken Ankle, but I forgot that I even have these pictures! So here you are! The belated Episode of the Broken Ankle Saga. The Lost and Forgotten Portion of the Story!!!
Balance on one foot...

Bongo Board!... Or Bongo Ball.
So there you go. These pictures of me during one of my torture sessions. Oh darn, did I just say that? I meant physical therapy sessions. :) It was a particularly busy day, so the therapist had me start on these exercises that help strengthen the muscles around the broken and torn areas before I went in and he proceeded to re-break my ankle for the 10th time. Ok, not re-break, but it hurt! Anyway, he was really busy and I was bored doing my exercises, so I took pictures! I took others, but these were the best. It was fun, this beginning part. Then he called me in to the room and I left the friendly squishy half-ball and walked into the dungeon of torture. Ok, this sounds way worse than it really is! :) I just like exaggerating for fun. Although the sessions were quite painful, they were nothing like I'm describing. Anyway, that's all for my pictures and story of the day!
I'm tired... Very tired... I had to work early this morning... Now I'm about to go into my Book of Mormon class... I'm really hoping I don't fall asleep. If I can make it through this class, I'm good, because I can't fall asleep in my singing class, it's not possible. So here's hoping I make it!

P.S. I'm really really really tired...

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  1. I recognize those physical therapy tool things. Takes me back to the good old days when I was nearly reduced to tears at the hands of my torturers.