My Beliefs

My religious beliefs define who I am better than almost anything. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also referred to as the Mormon Church. For more information on Mormons, please refer to to read about our basic beliefs, or to chat with online representatives. (I am actually one of the representatives 4 times a week!)

There are always many commonly asked questions by people about our church and beliefs, and since I do this constantly online while I'm chatting with people on, I decided I would also include in my blog my personal answers to frequently asked questions. So below is a list of questions I come across regularly from friends or people I chat with. This list will slowly be added to as time goes on. These posts are on another blog of mine which can be found here. Feel free to follow that blog!
Coming Soon... "What is the Book of Mormon?" and "What happens in Mormon Church Services?"

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