Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Past and Present Merge

Hello hello blog-readers! Today I'm going to talk about the craziness of time. Ok, not really. It just has to do with time. Basically, I was at work yesterday, and I finally got my nametags. (I work at the MTC) Well, I put it on, and I felt myself whoosh back in time to when I was on my mission and would wear my nametags. It just felt right, putting back on a nametag! :)  Weirdness. Also at the same time, I was realizing that I'm no longer a missionary (I know, brilliant observation John!) as my nametag is now white instead of black! So I was like woaah, this is weird, I'm now a teacher at the MTC! That was a very definite realization that my mission is over. Crazy weirdness!

So then on top of that, today I was busy doing my Math homework. Horrible stuff. Well anyway, I was going as fast as I could to finish and still get to school on time. So I finished, but then there was no car at home to take me! So, I was left at the mercy of my own two feet, with 15 minutes till class started. Naturally, since there was a quiz and we had to turn in our homework right at the beginning of class, I booked it down to the school. Each step I took was a more and more painful experience, and vaguely, running through my head, was the thought "Something's telling me I shouldn't be running..." Well, being the stupid-head I am, I kept going for it. So now, thanks to my brisk morning run I should not have had (Doctor's orders,) my ankle has been paining me all day and I've been walking with a limp. That's why it brought back the past. I remember now vividly what it was like back when I would walk around with a limp in my mission several weeks after having broken my ankle. Luckily it doesn't feel nearly as bad as then. But it did bring back memories! And funny how this happened right as I'm telling my story of my broken ankle! I sure don't learn, do I? Go figure...
Speaking of which!!! IT'S TIME FOR PART IV OF THE SAGA OF THE BROKEN ANKLE!!!!!!! (I'm realizing this is a lamo name... that's ok, it's too late to change it!)
It's back!!!
Ok, I'll explain this in a second. So in a nutshell, after Pickering I was transferred to a city called Brampton to work in the Mission Office as an Office Missionary. That actually turned out to be quite a blessing for my ankle! From about 9 am until about 5 or 6 pm (depending on how much there was to do) I would sit in the office and work on a computer doing all kinds of stuff, and it would rest my ankle! So that was actually a great blessing, because it helped it to heal MUCH faster than it was when I was in the field. Plus it allowed me to be working really hard without physically walking around, so I didn't feel useless! Yeah, it was sweet! Plus I loved working in the office!!! It was such a great experience!!!

Anyway, so after several weeks in the office, and doing Physical Therapy, the Doctor told me I could switch to a cane, and after two weeks go without it! So I went back with my cane I used to use. (hence the photo... me and my cane... which I kept by the way if anyone wants to see an artifact!) ;)  I know, really stupid to keep a cane. Hey! It's got sentimental value, all right? :)

So then the REALLY happy day!!! I went to Physical Therapy and the Doctor said "All right, you can stop using the cane now, and try walking around without it, see what it's like!" Well, it had been months since I had walked without either a walking cast or cane or crutches, so this was a big deal!!! Well, after that I began walking all by myself!!! Coolest day ever! ;)
I can walk!!! Or stand!!! Without a cane!!!

So there you are! That, amazingly, is the end of the SAGA OF THE BROKEN ANKLE!!!!!!!
Really I didn't even scratch the surface of what went on with this whole ankle business, but I managed to cover the main portions. I portrayed it in a rather humorous unfortunate situation, when really that doesn't exactly describe it. Sure, afterwards it is humorous to remember some portions, but I honestly wouldn't trade this experience for anything! It was an excellent learning and growing opportunity for me, and I had special experiences that strengthened my testimony a lot as a result of this whole ankle issue. I honestly believe that it helped me come much closer to my Heavenly Father through many different ways.

It's funny how even seemingly ridiculous situations such as breaking your ankle can be a learning experience for you, if you treat it as such. Believe me, there were times when I was crazily frustrated!!! Being on a mission and not being able to work as hard as you normally would like, that's rough!!! Thanks, however, to an amazing Mission President and Mission Mother, and some awesome companions, I was able to turn it in to an incredible experience I wouldn't trade for anything! Just goes to show you, Heavenly Father always has in mind what's best for us!!! We just need to see life through that lense!


  1. Glad to finally get to whole saga on the ankle. Sorry you had to run on it though. Hope school is going fine. We are in Campbellford. It seems we are starting a whole new mission. The Wheelers

  2. I don't think it's dumb you kept the cane!! That's rad! I do want to see it.