Friday, December 16, 2011

Singing and Signs

Just got back from singin' in the chapel! I'm singing in a quintet for this Sunday's Christmas Program. It's a really nice song, I'm hoping I don't mess up. It's very possible. ;)

Today my parents are down in Saint George seeing The Forgotten Carols or something like that. So here I am, sitting at home, just me and my sister. We're hanging out. Well, sort of. Once I finish this blog post, then we'll hang out! :) Did I ever mention she's cool? Ah yeah!

Now for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day! (I should really figure out a shorter name for this section... Like the MPSD... except that's a lamo acronymn... Well, I'll figure one out one of these days)

See this is all its glory!
Check it out!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I actually found a "Woodruff Crescent" in Canada!!! It was awesome, I was driving by this one place one day when I was in the area of Pickering and Ajax, and I checked the map to see where this contact lived, when suddenly I saw a little street with a familiar name. I couldn't believe it! So of course, being so close, I HAD to go check it out! Yes indeed, we found the street called Woodruff Crescent!!! And I also found on the other side of the street a much cooler sign than this one!!! Check it out below!

Yes, isn't this amazing?
That's the coolest thing ever!!! So that's my awesome mission picture and story of the day!

 I just found out about this AWESOME job that I could easily get!!! It's at the MTC! And so I'm going to do my evaluation test thing on Monday, and schedule an interview! I'm so excited!!! Hopefully I get it, then I won't be sitting at home doing nothing all day! :D Woopdeedoo!!!

Anyway, this is the end of my random post. Have a wonderful day!

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