Saturday, December 17, 2011

Computer Chaos

So today I decided that it was about time I work on my computer, the one that I built several years ago. It apparently took a turn for the worse while I was on my mission, which is very sad. So I decided to figure out once and for all what the issue is... To make a long story short, I still haven't figured it out, but I've had some great ideas, and I'm hoping that what I'm doing will help it and bring it back from the dead. Basically I opened it up, took it apart, then took apart the family computer, and decided I might as well go all the way, so I went and got the old family computer and took that apart too! Yeah, I had a great time! It was much fun, and then a friend came over, so I didn't finish my project. I guess I'll have to leave that until Monday!

Also, I'm currently installing "Myst IV: Revelation" on my computer! It's a SUPER fun game! I'm not normally one for many games on my computer, I prefer programming and such, but this is an incredibly fun game, because it's a super difficult puzzle type game! So it doesn't make you more stupid! It increases your puzzle solving skills! Great fun!

It's time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!

Pumpkin Head!!!

There's me with a pumpkin head! Woo! This was on Halloween Day of 2011. It was a Monday, which is our Preparation Day. So we had a Zone Activity for the afternoon, and we each got pumpkins to carve! It was super fun! This is the Pumpkin I carved. He has a sad face. For some reason I always do pumpkins like this. I think it's a nice departure from the typical ripped apart scarred pumpkins. Anyway. That's random. So we then went back to our apartments. On Halloween, our mission rule was to be in our apartments by 6 pm and stay there the whole night, because it's rather dangerous and iniquitous in Toronto on Halloween night. So it was interesting being inside the whole night! But it was a really fun day!

So I'm now about to go to the wedding reception of a girl I've been friends with since before I can remember. It's really crazy to think that people I grew up with are getting married! Let me say, time passed REALLY fast! I spent my whole life looking forward to my mission, and suddenly I've been on my mission and have come home! Now I'm a Returned Missionary, and I've got to begin my life! (of course, I would LOVE a job for that beginning!) ;) I think I'll probably post about not having a job pretty much every time until I actually get one. Fun fun!

Well, that's all I've got to say today! Have an awesome weekend!


  1. The reception was great. I'm so happy for Caitlyn and she looked beautiful and happy!

    Also, I love your mission picture and story thing. Good idea.

  2. Yeah, she looked awesome! I'm so happy for her!!