Friday, December 23, 2011

Awesome New Design!

As you can see I've updated the design of my blog. I believe it looks a lot better. (before I just had the very simple template... goodbye boringness!) So I had a good time doing that today.

Also today I've been reading up on the extreme awesomeness of the amazing Windows Phone 7. This bad boy is by far the best smartphone operating system out there. It takes a whole new approach to your home screen. Instead of pages and pages of icons and folders, WP7 has a beautifully simple start screen with large squares called Live Tiles. These tiles are always updating and changing to show you real-time information about the weather, how many emails you have, missed calls, to name a few. It also has perfect integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which all come together in what's called the "People Hub." The operating system is brilliantly original, not copying from other well known smartphones. It's one heck of a beautiful phone.
Aaaaaw yeah!
I just realized that that paragraph turned into a Windows Phone review! Well, it's because it's a SWEET phone! So there! Also a very refreshing relief from the generic grid of icons in the iPhone or Android operating systems. (please don't post comments arguing about which is better. This is merely my opinion) :)
It's time for the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!!!
Posin' for the picture
Yeah, ok, so I look kind of ridiculous. This was a super fun day, we were helping a member of ours to move from one apartment to a new one a few blocks away. Well, I found sunglasses and a cowboy hat, and of course had to put them on and wear them around. So it was pretty sweet, I wore those while we were in the house getting all the stuff out of the basement. It's just one of those weird things you do as a missionary just for the heck of it. :)  Ok, so the story was slightly boring, but that's ok! It's part of my mission!
So I just got back from a sweet Best Buy run with my bro Davo. We do these Best Buy runs rather regularly. (or at least we will, now that I'm back) They're extremely fun. I also bought the last two presents for Christmas. It was a very fun trip! We listened to some sweet tunes during the drive.

We also dropped by Red Box (that movie rental place thing) and grabbed Kung Fu Panda 2! I haven't seen it yet and I heard it's really good! So I'm just waiting for my brothers to finish their Doctor Who episode down there so I can watch this great looking movie!

Ok, so this post was written yesterday, but I forgot to upload it... But it's supposed to be yesterday's post. So where it says "today" or something referring to right now, that right now was actually yesterday. :)  Perfect. Anyway, this is John signing off!

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