Monday, December 19, 2011

Still No Job!

Hello Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!! This is John Woodruff! (obviously)

Anyway, so as you can probably guess, I still don't have a job. Yup, that's my life right now! But that's ok, because looking for jobs is fun! (sometimes) (not really) (ok, not at all) Oh well. I just did my teaching evaluation today for the MTC, which I applied to. It was pretty cool, the two returned missionaries who were my evaluators were Elder Murray and Elder Moreno (I think that's how his name is spelled....) from Preach My Gospel: The District 2. (that's one of the training DVD's they use in the mission) So it was pretty cool, I got to actually meet the guys that I sat and watched, praised, criticized, and evaluated who knows how many times on my mission. Fun stuff! So I taught them about Accountability, and I thought it went pretty well, we'll see what they think.

Mission Picture and Story of the Day! Here's the picture today!

Korean Grill!!!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a photo of me and my companion in THE MOST DELICIOUS RESTAURANT EVER!!!!!! Ok, maybe not ever, but it's absolutely incredible!!! It's called The Korean Grill. For lunch you pay 8 dollars, and you get all you can eat DELICIOUS meats and rice and all kinds of other stuff! They bring you the meats raw in an amazing marinade or seasoning or something, and you then cook it at your table. Yeah. It's ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! This picture was the day I went to the CN Tower with the other Office Missionaries, it was super fun! I've rarely encountered a restaurant I love as much as this one. (one of the only exceptions is Hires Big H in Salt Lake City!) (Shown below in all its glory!)
Aaaaah yeah!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!
Anyway, I'm now absolutely dying of starvation, so I'll definitely move on.

So I was thinking the other day about when I lived in Brazil. Those were good days!!! We did all kinds of craziness there!!! Made tons of movies, hung out with all those Brazilians, and just had a smashing awesome time! :D Here's a picture from those days!
Good Times...
Actually, that was sort of from the end of those days.... But this was a main hanging out group!!! The cast and crew of Dungeonman 2! Classic film...

Anyway, those were great days. I wish I could re-live them. That'd be sweet. Ok, I'm just rambling now, so I'll sign off! Tchau tchau!

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