Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Blog's Title is Lamo

Hello, this is John Woodruff signing in.
Ok, so I've decided that my Blog Name is super lamo. So therefore, I'm trying to figure out a new name for it. If anyone has any awesome ideas, I'm very open to suggestions. If you can think of anything, let me know. :)

As a point of information, I HATE having a numb mouth! Yes, I just went to the dentist today. Not only that, but I also went to the Orthodontist today! So in the midst of having like 5 or 6 people messing around with my teeth, they numbed me up to fix a filling that had cracked. The awesome news is, I didn't have any cavities my whole mission!!! Yipee!!! So while I hated having my mouth numbed up, that's luckily the only time I'll have to have it numbed up for the next long time. (here's hoping!)

Random Mission Picture and Story Time!!! (I should make this a regular part of my blog!)
The most monstrously amazing burger!!!
This monstrosity you see before you (the burger, not John) is a "Sweet Steak Sandwich" from a little hole in the wall joint called California Sandwiches, located near the deep downtown of Toronto. My companion and I were one day starving... Actually, that happened on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. So we were in Downtown Toronto, and were going down a certain street. Well, we found this little place (told to us by someone we were teaching) and decided to try it. Yeah. The rest is history. I've never regretted it or looked back. (except those rare moments I had the courage to weigh myself)
Basically, it's a massive slab of steak with cooked onions in this incredible mystery sauce thing, all on a humongous bun. Sounds good, eh? It's better than that. It's most definitely amazing. So now since we're all salivating because of how incredible that burger is, I'll finish this portion.

Yeah, I'm still jobless. Whoopdeedoo.... But I got a second interview which was awesome, and I'm just waiting to hear back from him! So here's hoping! If not this job, I think it would be awesome to work at the Missionary Training Center.... Or as Canadians would spell it, Centre. They say it adds colour to the way things are written. Ok, not really, but it's funny how Canadians spell things, eh? I lived there with them, so I'm allowed to joke. ;)

Ok, so there's most likely no one reading this blog, but for the poor unfortunate soul who stumbles across this and has read until this point, I commend you and appologize for my lack of creativity or coolness.

And this is John Woodruff signing out...

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