Thursday, December 15, 2011

Missin' the Mission

Awesome news!!!!! My two younger brothers got their mission calls last night!!! WOO!!! Andrew is going to the Brasil Curitiba Mission, and Matthew is going to the Brasil Sao Paulo South Mission!!! WOOPDEEDOO!!!!!!!!!!

So basically, with all this craziness of brothers getting mission calls and preparing to leave, it brought me back to the good ol' days when I got my mission call to the Canada Toronto East Mission and began preparing to preach the gospel for two years. It was a very fun time, and now I get to watch others go through the same process. Sure it makes me wish I could go through it again, but that's not realistic, and besides, it's awesome being home and now I get to be able to start my life and make something of myself! So while it's an exciting process for my brothers, it's also an exciting process for John! Yay!

To continue with this theme of mission, here's the Mission Picture and Story of the Day!!!
A sweater I decided to buy at Honest Ed's!
So this photo comes from my Seventh Transfer in the mission field, in the deep downtown area of Toronto! My companion and I on a Preparation Day decided to go to this massive store called "Honest Ed's." At first sound of the name, "Honest Ed's" you're already thinking, all right, this place is going to be a dump. It was actually one of the coolest stores I've ever been in! It's massive, and the inside is seriously a maze of stuff. There are pathways going up, down, around, over, underground, everywhere! It was incredibly fun just being in the place! Also everything is super cheap!!! The reason being that the factories would find small defects in the packaging of the product, so Honest Ed's would buy it cheap and sell it cheap! So I found that awesome sweater there for about 4 dollars, and of course bought it! It was an excellent buy!
So thus ends my Picture and Story of the Day!

I feel bad, because I'm kind of stealing my brother Davo's idea of those line dividers for my blog... He does the same thing, though much better than me. I just couldn't think of anything different... So when I do I'll change it and stop plagiarizing. :)

So basically, it was an awesome day yesterday! Mission Calls, lots of tasty treats (such as my dear mother's amazing peanut butter and chocolate rice crispy treats!!!) as well as an excellent episode of Doctor Who. A quick note on that, it's an excellent show that's very funny, and is of excellent quality as well. Plus the theme song is awesome.

Tchau tchau!

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