Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steal of a Deal!!!

I know, I said I wouldn't post in this blog anymore... But this is such a steal of a deal that it's too good to not post! I posted it in my other blog here, but I thought I'd put it here in case some people didn't see my other blog. :)

So anyway, the Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes is the BEST! Not only do you get ONE YEAR of free entry to Seven Peaks, but you also get unlimited free entry to a ton of other places as well!!! How awesome is that? It's basically the best! So you should all buy it HERE!!!!!!!

So go buy it! It's just 23 dollars! (for your info, a one day pass for Seven Peaks is like 15 bucks or something... if you go twice, you've more than paid for it! And if you go 20 times, you've paid like 1 dollar per pass! How cool is that???) SO GO BUY IT!!! :D
UPDATE: Deal is no longer available. (as of like more than a month ago) :)

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