Friday, March 16, 2012

Then it was Friday

It is difficult for one to describe the amazing sense of joy one has when the week is officially over and all that's left is a most wonderful weekend ahead. (well, until the next Monday anyway, but let's not think about that) The point is, I'm suuuuuuper happy that the weekend is here!!! I'm about this happy:

Ok. Maybe not quite that hysterical. But the fact is, I was actually able to accomplish everything I was supposed to this week! It's always nice when one can do that. I also loved the devotional on Tuesday! Elder Ellis and his family lived in Recife Brazil while my family was there, so we are great friends with the kids. It was awesome to see them there! And we were lucky, we got to sit on the floor! That was a first for me. I always get there late so I never get a chance! :) So it was really fun!

Well, since it's a Friday, and I'm actually done with the week's things, I'm not going to sit here and waste time writing a blog post! No way! I'm gonna go do something! Not sure what yet... But I'm going to do something! :)


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